Exercises to treat and help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

August 10, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition which occurs when the size of the carpal tunnel (part of the wrist) is compromised. This can be because of hand muscle imbalance and/or oedema (swelling).

Repetitive, unopposed gripping, grasping and finger flexion such as in sport, music and office work can cause hand muscle imbalance. Oedema is commonly linked to pregnancy and injury.

In hand muscle imbalance the nine muscles that close the hand become dominant over the nine muscles that open the hand. The carpal tunnel as a result of this becomes narrowed and partially collapses.

Handmaster Plus is an exercise gadget for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment which conveniently tones and balances all 18 hand muscles in one simple exercise. It rebalances the wrist as part of any carpal tunnel syndrome rehabilitation protocol. Additionally, using the Handmaster Plus helps to   re-establish blood flow lymphatic drainage to the distal upper extremity.

Handmaster Plus is the number one rated exercise product for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of hand muscle imbalance and blood flow stimulation. Handmaster Plus offers a specific exercise (see exercise #1) for carpal tunnel syndrome pre- and rehabilitation.

Hand muscle imbalance is also a possible cause of tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and DeQuervain’s Syndromes.

Handmaster Plus hand exercise product is available to buy here 


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Handmaster Plus is an innovative but simple to use device for strengthening the hand muscles and relieving carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.
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