Hand exercises for building hand strength

August 10, 2007 at 3:57 pm

We use our hands all day but it is hard to exercise the hand muscles safely and effectively to build up their strength. There are many people who would benefit from strengthened hand muscles such as guitarists and musicians, golfers, stroke patients in rehabilitation and sufferers from conditions such as RSI.

Opening and closing the hand is certainly better than doing nothing at all as it allows the muscles to move through a full range of movement. But without any resistance to work against the muscles are not being encouraged to work hard and therefore you are not building up your hand muscle strength.

One old fashioned way of providing resistance in these exercises is to squeeze a tennis ball. This provides resistance as the fingers move inwards but doesn’t help with the strengthening the muscles you use when opening the hand out again.

Doczac Enterprises of Washington state in the US believe they have the answer with their patented device Handmaster Plus. This combines a rubber ball which you squeeze in your hand with elasticated straps through which you place your fingers in order to get that resistance opening your hand again.

For those without such a device some other basic hand exercises are available at the Stretch Now website.


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Handmaster Plus is an innovative but simple to use device for strengthening the hand muscles and relieving carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.
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